Renungan Harian Anak KIDZ

Building a Divine Generation

About The Authors

KIDZ is a printed daily devotional for children and young teens. We like to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most fun way possible. KIDZ is formatted to be in the form of comic and activity pages. We would like you to follow us.

My name is Hendra Syahputra Sembiring. I am an alumni of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya (ITS) majoring in Architecture. I was a Religion and Character Teacher at Cita Hati Elementary School, Surabaya but now I act as a class teacher there.

I am co-writing this devotion with my beloved wife, Ivana Moeliadji who is mostly the illustrator of the comics in KIDZ.

Teaching children has been my passion for a long time. I believe that God has created me and designed me with all the gifts and talents needed to teach others, and children have always been in my heart. I believe that children are the key to the future. In order to have a better future for the next generation, children ought to be taught in the right perspective and way of the Lord.

I am an energetic person who loves to be creative and learn new things. I am a team player who likes to work in a team and also a team leader when needed. I have a lot of experiences in organizations especially as a Sunday School teacher for over 13 years.

I like to talk and share about this passion. So that’s what this blog is all about. Feel free to speak your mind. And may God bless you all throughout your life. Shaloom.

Hendra Sembiring

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